Seriously, this week has been amazing! I am still in T1/T3, but am with Sister Pierce! I love working with her! We spend most of our time laughing, and are working super hard. She is a great missionary, and I can't wait to keep working with and learning from her.
   On Wednesday, we took the new missionaries out! There are 2 new sisters (one is Albanian, one isn't), so we got to take them to their first lesson, while everyone else were having their interviews with President. It was so fun! On Thursday, we were stuck inside at 4 because of new years eve. The fireworks here were crazy!! We had a great view of all of tirana, and it was amazing. Fireworks going off everywhere, hitting buildings, and almost hitting us (we were on our roof)!! But it was so cool! The next day was dead. Everything closed down until today. We left our house at about 12, and no one was out. It felt like it was 6 in the morning, and was also freezing. 
   We met with a bunch of people this week, and are pretty busy! Not much has changed with our area, but it is all going great! It is freezing here, but I'm surviving! I hope you all had a great new years/Christmas! Love and miss you! 
Motra Bennett

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